Stall Bars


With over 30 modular units available, these bars can be scaled to any event. Great for expo displays, food markets, beer festivals or simple garden parties and wedding bars.

Standardised units provide for easy construction and flexible arrangements. These are versatile units that don’t compromise on our rustic authenticity and are made with wood salvaged from an old Norfolk barn.

Length 120cm x Width 60cm x Height 110cm (230cm with Metal Frame)

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Raw Material

Constructed out of reclaimed wood from a barn on the Norfolk Broads, they have an easy charm.

The History

Our Stall Bars are immensely popular due to their simple setup and versatility and will happily fit into formal or more relaxed venues.

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”

– Leonardo Da Vinci

Additional information


Standard Stall Bar with Lower Shelf, Blackboard or Wooden Sign Frontage, Metal Top Frame with Hanging Blackboard or Wooden Sign, Lower Work Area for Prep, DJ or Draft Beer System, Back Bar with Lights, Mirror and Shelves to Display Drinks

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