Antique Pine Rattan Cross Back Chairs


Chair seat height 47cm x Width 44cm

The Rattan Cross Back Chair is similar to our French Cross Back but features a rattan seat for added comfort. A slightly more antique finish provides an exquisitely ramshackle faded glory.

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Raw Material

Made from a hard fruit wood for durability and flexibility.

Look and Feel

Ergonomically designed as a serene dining chair, their simple wood design means they also pair nicely with chairs of completely different styles.

The History

Wicker is the term for the product of weaving any number of natural materials, including rattan. The material is typically cut into strips of proper width, dried, then soaked in water to make it flexible before it is woven together.

Additional Options

These chairs can be provided with seat pads for an additional 50p per chair.

“Belle âme

– Beautiful soul