Ultimate Bar Package


For those that want to go the extra mile, our ultimate bar package provides everything you need to run the bar as well as the full vintage look!

£500 of quality furniture and collectibles as part of an exclusive cut-price bundle.

Typical Example Items

  • 1 x Potato Crate Bar (3 x bar sections) – or one of the other bars
  • Metal BAR letters
  • 2 x Lab Stools
  • 4 x Apple Boxes
  • 2 x Bullards Vintage Beer Boxes
  • 4 x Metal Crates
  • 4 x Potato Crates
  • 8 x Vintage Coca Cola Boxes
  • 20 x Gum Ball Glass Jars
  • 2 x Beer keg Stands
  • 7 x Enamel Jugs (five large and two medium)
  • 5 x Vintage Storm Lamps
  • 1 x Set of four Enamel Bowls 
  • 1 x Set of Vintage Crystal Whisky Flask
  • 1 x Rustic Baby Tin Ice Bath
  • 1 x Roll-Top Ice Bath
  • 3 x 5 metres of Bunting

Items may vary depending on availability but any substitutes will retain total overall package value.

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Everything you need to host the ultimate party, the package not only provides a full three-sectioned Potato Crate Bar but everything you’ll need to stock and decorate it. The only thing left to decide will be when to serve last orders!

Other Options

For those with challenging spaces we also have two three-quarter sized tables available for £15 each.

I Followed My Heart
and it Led Me to the Bar

The ultimate bar is open