Lab Stools


Chair seat height 60cm x Width 33cm

The beech Laboratory Stools really offer a slice of the past. Sourced from various UK locations, they work very well as a perch next to one of our bars or barrels.

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Raw Material

Some experts refer to Beech wood as a “hard-wearing” wood; it can take a lot of pressure over time. Beech is commonly used for curved furniture pieces because of its relatively malleable qualities. The flexibility of this type of hard wood makes it a good candidate for many different kinds of products.

Look and Feel

Solid and chunky, the utilitarian lab stool will be familiar to many from days sat behind a Bunsen burner in school science classrooms.

The History

Pulled from science departments and school labs, lab stools were widely used to allow students to sit around the raised surfaces and are excellent when working at unusual height tables or bars.


With a seat height of 60cm, these chairs are 33cm wide.

“What I learned in the lab –
hot glass looks the same as cold glass!”