Ball Glass Jars


Originally made in Indiana, US for preserving fruit, these antique glass jars are great for holding flowers or battery tea lights. With a distinctive aqua hue they’re the perfect adornment to any table or sill.

Larger sizes are around 9 x 5 cm, with the smaller jars approximately 6 x 4 cm.

Rented in randomly assorted boxes of 12.

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The History

Ball Corporation is a US company headquartered in Colorado, that’s best known for its production of glass jars for home canning. Since founding in Buffalo, New York, in 1880, when it was known as the Wooden Jacket Can Company, the Ball company has became the world’s largest manufacturer of recyclable metal beverage and food containers.


The large jars measure 9cm in height with a diameter of 5cm, while the small are 6cm high with a diameter of 4cm.

Look and Feel

Each embossed with the famous Ball preserving name, these tall glass jars are simply a cut above your average jam jar. Whether lit up by battery tea lights or filled with wild flowers, they provide are homely touch to any setting.

Raw Materials

Straight-sided jars have a wide mouth, thick walls, and balance solidity with simple elegance. Glass has high clarity and its aqua blue is made by mixing coloured oxide into the base glass.

“For Every Canning Need
There Is A Ball Jar”

Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company, incorporated 1886