Mahogany Tables – Eight Seater


Length 228cm x Width 88cm x Height 74cm
Seats 8

Made from reclaimed mahogany, these tables are defined by the depth and character of the dark wood. Salvaged from a ship yard, the decking tacks are still visible. These are extra sturdy, extra wide and extra special. They won’t disappoint.

They seat eight, with four comfortably on each side, and are also available in three quarter size:

Length 175cm x Width 88cm x Height 74cm

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Raw Material

Mahogany is an expensive hardwood and varies in colour from a medium brown to a deep red brown, depending on its age. It is a very traditional, versatile and popular.


They seat four people on each side, with the three quarter length tables, measuring 175cm in length, able to seat three per side.

The History

Salvaged from a shipyard on the historic Clydebank, this batch of mahogany  would’ve seen life in hull construction, yacht interiors or as part of a deck. The decking tacks can still be seen catching the light in our table tops.

Other Options

For those with challenging spaces we also have three-quarter sized tables available for £15 each.

“The gentleman is solid mahogany;
the fashionable man is only veneer”

– Josiah Gilbert Holland

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