Great Oak Tables – Eight Seater


Length 228cm x Width 80cm x Height 74cm 
Seats 8

Originally a dance floor salvaged from a stately home in Kent, these beautiful oak tables are the perfect choice for any rustic wedding or event. They blend hardwood quality with flexibility, easily folding away should you need the space.

They seat eight, with four on each side, and are also available in three quarter size.

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Raw Material

A fairly hard, heavy and dense hardwood. Extremely durable, oak timber is often used in a variety furniture making, flooring, boatbuilding and cooperage for wines, cognac and beer.

The History

Starting out as floorboards imported to the UK in the 1960s, our oak trestles were used as a sprung dance floor before we made them into the perfect banqueting table.


They seat eight people, with four comfortably on each side, though it’s possible to fit an extra one on each end if needed.

Other Options

For those with challenging spaces we also have two three quarter sized tables available for £15 each.

You Can Still See

the Heel Marks

Our Oak Trestles are made from a former sprung dance floor

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1-5, 11-25, 26+, 6-10