Oak French Cross Back Chairs


Chair seat height 47cm x Width 44cm

The French Cross Back Chair is a benchmark of wooden chairs; comfortable, sturdy and effortlessly elegant.

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Please note seat pads are hired separately.

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Raw Material

Oak is a fairly heavy and dense hardwood. Extremely durable, the timber is often used in a variety furniture making, flooring, boatbuilding and cooperage for wines, cognac and beer.

Look and Feel

Ergonomically designed as a serene dining chair, their simple wood design means they also pair nicely with chairs of completely different styles.

The History

German-Austrian cabinet maker Michael Thonet discovered a process of bending wood using steam, allowing him to create chairs using just a few pieces of wood held together by screws, providing an economy of materials. His style is still prevalent today and heavily influenced the French Cross Back.

Additional Options

These chairs can be provided with seat pads for an additional £1 per chair.

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