The Third Day – Sky Arts

We team up with Sky and Punchdrunk to provide furniture for The Third Day: Autumn, an innovative 12 hour real-time TV experience

Written by Dennis Kelly, the creator of Utopia, and featuring members of the original HBO series cast – including Jude Law and Katherine Waterstone – ‘The Third Day: Autumn‘ viewers followed the events of a single day in a 12 hour cinematic broadcast that invited them deeper into world of The Third Day.

We were mesmerised by a remarkable feat of live theatre and television, created by Punchdrunk and Sky Originals, that produced something that felt truly experimental. Described as one-take, one-camera, livestreamed immersive theatre, an “event”, not a “show”, it seems Punchdrunk have found a new way to share their theatrical creativity with a housebound audience.

With a fierce performance from Law, and beautifully consistent camera and sound work, we were extremely proud to continue our association with Punchdrunk, providing a wide selection of tables and chairs to bring the sets on the remote location of Osea Island to life.

Watch The Third Day: Autumn on Facebook.
The Third Day: Winter starts on 6 October at 9pm on Sky Atlantic

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