Large Whisky Barrels


These ex-whisky casks are over a hundred years old. We import them all the way from Scotland because they work so well for displays and poser tables. By adding our French walnut planks these can easily be turned into a bespoke bar or larger display for your cakes or cheese.

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The History

A US law states bourbon casks can only ever be filled once. As a result, bourbon must be matured in American oak barrels, usually for three to six years before being disposed of to Scotch distilleries. An ex-bourbon cask’s first fill will usually be a single grain whisky, destined for a blend, as they absorb the strong vanilla flavours from the wood. Once disgorged, the next fills will be with single malt whisky, for eight to 20 years at a time. A cask becomes inactive after around 35 years, and that’s when they come to us.

Raw Material

At 195 litres these casks are based on the default, slim, American oak cask invented for the bourbon industry, the most abundant size used for whisky.


Our large whisky casks are 64cm in diameter and 87cm high.

Other Options

Team with our Small Whisky Barrels or our walnut planks to create a mobile bar.

“I Think The Bottom Of The Barrel
Is Where The Answers Are”

– Fred Eaglesmith