Dutch Pine Trestles – Ten Seater


Length 330cm x Width 96cm x Height 72cm
Seats 10

We’re excited to show you our gigantic vintage pine trestle tables. This wood was reclaimed from a cheese factory in Holland where the planks were used for maturing Gouda. The length of the wood is stunning and makes unique long banqueting tables. Sanded back, cleaned and sealed for a smooth flat finish, you’ll find it hard not to love these epic and sturdy tables.

They seat ten, with five comfortably on each side, and are available in three quarter (Length 195cm x Width 96cm x Height 72cm) and baby sizes (Length 138cm x Width 96cm x Height 72cm).

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Raw Material

Pine is lightweight with a pale finish which is great for staining. It blends well with other woods, making it ideal if you’re looking to match with other items at your event.

The History

Sourced from a closing Gouda cheese factory in Holland, this wood still bears the circular marks where the waxed cheese wheels were placed to mature.


 With three trestle legs per table they seat ten comfortably, with five on each side. At a squeeze it is possible to fit six each side and an extra person on each end.

Other Options

For those with challenging spaces we also have three-quarter sized tables that seat six available for £15 each, plus two half sized tables that seat four.

“The circular patterns left by the Gouda
create a unique signature”

Our Dutch Pine Trestles are made from cheese factory timber

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Full Size, 1/2 Size


1-4, 11-16, 17+, 5-10