Classic Folders


Chair seat height 45cm x Width 40cm

A most beautiful and characterfully vintage wooden chair. Lightweight and very comfortable to sit on.

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Raw Material

Pitch Pine is lightweight with a pale finish and high levels of resin Рthis makes it resistant to decay. Pitch pine was often used for ship building, fences, and railroad ties. It blends really well with other woods, making it ideal if you are looking to match these chairs with other vintage pieces for your event.

Look and Feel

Our classic folding chairs are extremely versatile and look great in contemporary or more traditional venues.

The History

Often formerly used as auditorium chairs, a large number of our stock previously enjoyed life on the South Coast, providing seating at band stands along the English Riviera.


With a seat height of 45cm, these chairs are 40cm wide.

“We stood steady as the stars in the woods,
so happy hearted”

– Ben Howard, Old Pine