Terms and Conditions

Hire Period

  • Our hire period is for a single day, single event use, not multiple days, unless agreed in advance by special arrangement. 
  • The hire period includes a day or two either side of your event for us to deliver and collect. 
  • We typically deliver the day before and collect the day after, however this may vary.
  • The delivery and collection time will be arranged by Rustic Hire Ltd and subject to our terms and conditions. 
  • If you need to set up and dress our furniture the day before your event we advise you hire the stock for an extra day so we can deliver the day before you need it. On the day of your delivery and collection we do not guarantee the two hour time slot.
  • Any extension to the hire period must be agreed prior to your event. None agreed extensions to the hire period will incur additional charges.
  • The items shall at all times remain the property of Rustic Hire Ltd.
  • The customer is responsible for the care of the items during the hire period from the time of delivery/collection until the items are collected/returned and accepted back into the possession of Rustic Hire Ltd.

Delivery and collection

  • Our standard delivery and collection is a ‘drop and collect’ service and doesn’t include set up. 
  • Our delivery service is an additional cost dependant upon the quantity of items hired and the distance for delivery. 
  • Rustic Hire will make every effort to deliver and collect goods at an agreed specified time, however it will not, under any circumstances, accept liability for any expense borne by the customer for any delay in delivery or collection.
  • We will designate a 2 hour time slot for your delivery. We try our best to keep to this schedule, however, sometimes due to circumstances outside our control we may be later. We will do our best to call if we are due to be later than one hour past your designated delivery window.  
  • Any unsociable hour delivery/collection carries an added premium that will be charged for each individual journey. (Anything before 9am or after 5pm)
  • We, Rustic Hire need access for our Luton size van to deliver to your venue drop-off point. 
  • Access must be accurately relayed to Rustic Hire so we can price the job accordingly and arrange an appropriate drop-off team and schedule this effectively. Failure to do so may result in additional charges being applied retrospectively.   
  • Any distances over 25 metres from our van to your drop off point may incur an additional charge. Any fields, hills, lifts or stairs may incur an additional charge and must be discussed in advance if you require us to carry our stock/items through these to your drop off point. 
  • As standard, Rustic Hire supply one persons for delivery and collection and require the client to arrange appropriate staff to unload and carry. When available there will be an additional option for Rustic hire to supply extra delivery/collection staff. 
  • Upon receipt of the items, the customer must inspect all items. In the event of shortage or damage, it is the customer’s responsibility to mark this at the time of delivery. If the customer fails to do this, the items will be deemed to have been delivered in a clean and undamaged condition. Equally, if there is no-one available to check the items, they will be deemed to have been delivered in a clean and undamaged condition.
  • The customer agrees to return the items/prepare the items for collection, at the time period agreed or specified in Rustic Hires delivery sheet. Failure to return/prepare the items on time will result in an additional 10% charge of the total hire.
  • Some items will be delivered in secure packaging. Items should be returned to us in this packaging to avoid damage to items during transport.
  • All items, including tables, chairs cushions must be collapsed and stacked in preparation for collection, in the same way they were dropped off. 

Self Collect & Drop

  • If agreed by us, items can be collected from our depot at the time period agreed at time of booking.
  • Transportation of items must be blanket tied in transit to prevent undue damage and wear and tear. Our items are antiques so failure to do so will result in additional wear and tear charges. 


All hired stock is the responsibility of the hirer whilst in their possession

(It is strongly advised that you obtain suitable insurance for all items hired from Rustic Hire Ltd)


  • The stock is for indoor use unless otherwise stated so must be stored inside ( a marquee is acceptable)
  • Damages will be charged dependant on the individual item 


  • The  stock must be stored securely at all times as stolen items will be charged including loss of hire damages. 


  • All goods will be supplied in a clean, ready to use condition.
  • All items should be returned in an equally clean condition.
  • Failure to return items in a clean condition will result in a 15% charge of the total hire.

PLEASE NOTE : We have found that red wine or water left on the tables leaves a stain and that candle wax is hard to remove. You will be charged for cleaning or repairs if these are left on the tables.

French Cross Back Chair Cushions

  • At the end of your event, please remove the tie on cushions from the chairs and put in the bags provided so they are ready for collection

Health & Safety Information

The Hirer must take all reasonable care for their own health and safety, and for the health and safety of others who may be affected by their actions, omissions or the use of equipment. The Hirer and any persons/ appointed Contractor working on their behalf must comply with all relevant health and safety legislation and any measures implemented by Rustic Hire Ltd.

  • Please follow our instructions for your and your guest’s health and safety.
  • Please take care when moving, lifting and using our stock which may be heavy, large, have unexpected centres of gravity and sharp parts.
  • It is the hirer’s responsibility to carry out their own manual handling risk assessment and to ensure adequate resources are available to lift and move the stock.
  • When moving or lifting any of our stock,  it is the hirers responsibility to assess their physical capabilities and to ensure that the stock is moved or lifted in a manner which will not cause harm to themselves or others.
  • Rustic Hire’s furniture is vintage, reclaimed, antique and rustic,  therefore there may be splinters, nails, screws and rusted metal in some of our furniture.  It is the hirer’s responsibility to take reasonable precautions to avoid injury to themselves and others or damage to clothing when moving, lifting or using Rustic Hire’s stock.
  • Some of our chairs are over 60 years old and must be treated accordingly.  The British war department chairs have a 15 stone weight limit.  To avoid embarrassment and potential injury, guests over 15 stone are advised to use our Lafayette chair instead.
  • It is the Hirer’s responsibility to make their guests aware of the conditions of hire and usage of Rustic Hire’s stock and to make them aware of their health and safety responsibilities to themselves and others.

Instructions for operating our tables

For Oaks, Maples, Beach House and Mahogany Tables:

  • The tables are large and heavy and need a minimum of two strong people to move them.
    They should be carried with the table top side facing towards the ground,  with the folded legs facing upwards,  This is to prevent the folded legs from dropping and trapping fingers etc.
  • Do not hold the weight of the table by the trestle legs when upside down as this damages the table.
  • The tables must be erected and collapsed by at least 2 people so that they can be safely turned over without causing injury or causing damage to the table.
  • Please keep fingers clear of the trestle leg mechanisms whilst erecting / collapsing the tables.
  • Please ensure that the leg braces are fully extended when the tables are erected for use to avoid unexpected collapse.
  • These tables must not be carried or moved by one person,  to do so risks personal injury and damage to the table.

For Dutch Pine and Long Pine Trestles:

  • For the Dutch Pines and Long Pine Trestle tables,  please note that a minimum of three people are required,  one to position the legs and two to position the table top onto the trestle legs.
  • These tables must not be carried or moved by one person, to do so risks personal injury and damage to the table.

Liability and Indemnity

Unless caused by the negligence or wrongful act of Rustic Hire Ltd, its officers, employees and agents,  the Hirer shall indemnify and hold harmless, Rustic Hire Ltd, its officers, employees and agents in full against any claim arising from the Hire in the event of:

  • The death of, or any injury caused to any person in connection with the use of Rustic Hire’s stock;
  • Damage to, or Loss of, any equipment, goods, articles or property used in conjunction with the stock on hire by the Hirer or any other person or organisation; 
  • Any works required to repair any damage caused to the fabric of the Venue and arising in any way from the Event and arising out of the acts or omissions of the Hirer, its guest, employees, agents or contractors, save to the extent that any such claim arises as a result of the negligence of Rustic Hire Ltd, its employees or agents;
  • Any other claims, actions, damages, liabilities, fines, costs (including professional fees) or expenses arising in any way from the Hire Agreement and arising out of the acts or omissions of the Hirer, its guests, employees, agents or contractors, save to the extent that any such claim arises as a result of the negligence of Rustic Hire Ltd, its employees or agents.
  • Rustic Hire shall not be liable to the Hirer by reason of any loss or damage sustained or inconvenience caused as a result of, or in any way arising out of cancellation or rescheduling.
  • Rustic Hire shall not be liable to the Hirer by reason of any delay in performing or any failure to perform any of Rustic Hire’s obligations in relation to the Event if such delay or failure is due to any cause beyond Rustic Hire’s reasonable control. 
  • In receiving this document and entering into a hire agreement, the Hirer agrees to be bound by the terms of this hire agreement.


  • It is strongly advised that you obtain suitable insurance for all items hired from Rustic Hire Ltd. All breakages/damages/losses will be charged accordingly, including charges for loss of hire.

Terms of Payment

  • To confirm and secure the stock for your booking, you will be required to pay an initial instalment of either 20% of your total hire cost or £200, whichever is the larger amount. This amount secures your booking and reserves your furniture.
  • A week before your event, a damage deposit will be required, The damage deposit is an authorised “hold” of money in your bank account, released after the event.
  • This amount paid is in addition to your hire items fee. The damage deposit is used as security for any potential breakages, damages and losses. This amount will be released back to you no more than 10-14 days from the date that all items are returned and have been checked. Any charges will be deducted from this amount, if necessary. 
  • Rustic Hire will list how much the deposit is, ordinarily 20% of the full hire amount.
  • Should the cost of the damages exceed the damage deposit amount, then an additional invoice will be issued for these costs. Damage costs will be applied in respect of time taken to repair damage. If items are beyond repair or lost, items will be charged at current market rate as well as for future losses of hire. 
  • A price list for replacing items/stock can be obtained by written request to Rustic Hire Ltd. 
  • The balance of your hire charge must be paid at least 42 days prior to the start of the hire period, along with any additional hire or delivery charges.
  • Payments may be made via cheque, BACS, Paypal or card if attending our premises. Specific payment details will be given at the time of placing your order.


You may cancel your booking by giving Rustic Hire Ltd. notice in writing. In such circumstances, the Hirer shall compensate Rustic Hire Ltd. for any Loss suffered by it as a result of the cancellation.

  • In the event of a cancellation, the Hirer will forfeit their initial installment in all circumstances.
  • There is no obligation on Rustic Hire to find a replacement booking.

Rustic Hire will retain or charge the Hirer the following amounts in the event of cancellation by the Hirer: (less the security deposit):

Period Fees Payable
8 – 6 weeks (inclusive) before the commencement of the hire period 50% of the total Hire Charge plus any additional costs incurred by Rustic Hire
Under 6 weeks before the commencement of the hire period 100% of the total Hire Charge plus any additional costs incurred by Rustic Hire
  • Any cancellation charges detailed above will be invoiced to the Hirer and must be paid within 7 calendar days. The Hirer is advised to seek cancellation insurance from a third party.
  • The Hirer may postpone the Event with over 90 days written notice to Rustic Hire before the Event without penalty and the deposit payment duly transferred if the Hirer reschedules the Event for a future date no more than 90 days from the date of the original commencement of the hire period. Any date beyond this will be considered a cancellation and cancellation charges will apply in full as applicable.
  • For any postponement within 90 days before the Event, the Hirer will forfeit their deposit, with a new security deposit due after an alternative date is agreed. 
  • Any further postponement of any rescheduled Event will result in full cancellation charges as set out above.
  • The reduction of an order of more than 10% of the original order will be classed as a cancellation and will be subject to the above terms and conditions. 
  • When a confirmed booking is postponed the stock from the original order will be transferred to the new date. If stock is reduced for the new date (at the time of postponement or at a later date), full cancellation charges will apply to the said stock. 

Rustic Hire General Data Protection Regulations

  • Rustic Hire collects client data for the sole purpose of providing a hire service. 
  • We collect your name, venue address, contact details and bank details in order to return your deposit. 
  • Contact details are held on our accounts programme Xero and on our bookings sheet.
  • Bank details are held on Xero and either held by Santander bank or Payzone. These systems are all GDPR compliant. 
  • Bank details are erased from Xero and our bank every 3 months. 
  • The data will never be shared with a third party except the courier who will know the client’s contact and order details in order to deliver the hire items.
  • At any point  the client can request where the data is stored and ask to have the data erased.