Modular Stall Bars

With over 30 modular units avalible these bars can be scaled to any event.  Great for expo dispalys, food markets, beer festivals or simple garden parties and wedding bars. Standardized units for easy  construction and flexible arrangements. These are flexible units without compromising on our rustic authenticity made with wood salvaged from an old norfolk barn.

With handy optional add-ons:

1) Blackboard or wooded sign frontage
2) Metal top frame with hanging blackboard or wooded sign
3) Lower work area for a  DJ or draft beer system
4) Back bars with lights, mirrors and shelves to diplays drinks

                           Stall Bar: 120cm L - 65cm W - 110cm H
                           With Metal Frame: 230cm H
                     30 x bars with frames and boards
                     2 x  lower work stations (Perfect for DJ's or our draft system)
Price: Exclusive of VAT  
             £100 per bar section with shelf
             £55 per metal frame and hanging board
             £10 per front board
             £70 per back bar frame and shelves

             Set-up avalible please enqiure for quotes

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