Our passion is beautiful furniture but we realise we need to get it from A to B and back again. We don't make any margin on deliveries, what we quote is the cost of fuel, driver's time loading, unloading and driving from our warehouse (SW9 7EX, NR93DF or CH66 8PF). 

Prices may vary slightly depending on the size of your order, for example, the more you order the longer it takes to load. Also, the access to your venue and times of delivery may affect the price, unsociable hours or the venue being on the first or second floor.

See below to give an idea of approximate rates for an average sized table and chair hire.

In the past we let customers arrange transport themselves yet have had to stop this option due to customers damaging our furniture in transport with bad packing. Only in exceptional circumstances do we allow customers to collect and drop the furniture themselves.    

​If you'd like a quote for delivery or discuss this further please don't hesitate to contact us.

Journey time to your destination 
1 hour
  2 hours
   3 hours 
Delivery and Collection price